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tv   Charlie Rose  WETA  August 20, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal-plus. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news today at 7:00 a.m. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell.
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victims were gunned down inside a home in north carey street early this morning. lead i-team investigator jayne miller is live in pigtown. >> we are at the 1200 block of south carey street, not far from the sports stadium in baltimore. this has been a very active scene this morning. police ascribed the dead as a man and woman in the 20s. neighbors say they were the parents of an infant who was left unharmed. police received a call to this address at 6:00 this morning with a report of a disturbance. neighbors are shocked by the violence. police say the suspect was caught on the scene come out of a window -- coming out of the window. >> it is too early to tell what the motive is because this was not a random act. these individuals were the target of this suspect. >> my older 2 children grew up with their children.
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so that was a shock that both of those young people are dead now without -- their child is going to be brought up without their parents. >> 2 other people, both of them women, were also shot. one of them has been critically wounded. police have paid a lot of attention to a house that is just around the corner from the scene of the shooting. a truck is now waiting and a couple of cars have already been towed and another one is about to be towed, all part of the investigation. at the scene, multiple weapons, as police describe it, were found. no identification of the victim or the suspect have -- has yet been released. jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> delegate don dwyer is in trouble with the law again. the 11 news i-team has learned that he has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. according to an anne arundel police report, an officer saw
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him driving erratically in the pasadena area around 12:30 this morning. the officer stopped the car and administered multiple sobriety tests, which we are told he failed. police say that the wire d -- wyer refused to front -- dwyer refused a breathalyzer test. he is to be charged in a boat crash that was also caused by drinking. david collins will have the latest tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. city police responded to an overshooting in southeast baltimore overnight. a man and woman were shot at mason court. both victims suffered gunshot wounds to the leg. no words on their conditions. baltimore county police are investigating a shooting in catonsville. a man was shot in the neck at shipley avenue late monday night. so far, no word on his condition . police have not made any arrests. barry simms is following this story and will have the latest tonight on 11 news at 6:00. familiesatonsville, 2
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are displaced after an moaning house fire. it happened a little after 1:00 this morning. homeowners as the flames broke t on his deck possibly because his grill or pain tank exploded. -- grill propane tank exploded. everyone in the house and a neighboring home made it out. firefighters say that the home was fully engulfed in flames when the crews arrived. >> somewhere in the house or outside of the house there was a collapse of the building itself, and that is why they are outside . they are not sending anybody inside. >> no official word on what sparked the fire. isturn to summer -- tony pann here. >> we jumped from september back into august. it is a little warm out there. the dew points of, but little bit -- the dew points have come
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up a little bit. 83 at the airport. dew point is 62. you would not call that oppressive, but it is higher than the 40s and 50s. we should make it into the upper 80s around baltimore. low to mid 80s in the mountains. maybe the mid-80s in southern pennsylvania. picture of sunshine and a few clouds. we will check the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> news today out of egypt about the possible leak -- possible release of former president hosni mubarak and the arrest of the spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood. we get the latest from richard engel in cairo. >> look at the contrast, talking about the possible release of mubarak and the rest of the muslim brotherhood's spiritual guide -- the arrest of the muslim brotherhood spiritual guide. this is a sign that the new military-backed government wants mubarak-type
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system. in will be a stunning turn of events, there are growing calls mubarak to be released from prison. today his lawyer told us that he is 89% sure that his client will be released soon. mubarak was charged with a variety of crimes, from stealing state funds to killing protesters, but has been acquitted of almost all of them. he faces some charges, but his lawyer says there is no reason for him to stay behind bars while the legal process continues. no one in this country is seriously continuing -- seriously talking about restoring mubarak's power, but if you were led out, it would be assigned to many in this country that the military-backed government wants to bring back regime and look
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after its friends. >> still ahead, while the employment rate increases across the u.s., the numbers in maryland are not as positive. but first, a medical scare for a member of the vice president's family.
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>> vice president joe biden is in houston, where his son beau is hospitalized. the delaware attorney general became disoriented after a drive for a family vacation and was briefly admitted into a hospital in chicago and went to philadelphia the next day to consult with his dr. and he spent the weekend in his home in wilmington and travel to houston for further treatment, his father by his side. a massive fire continues to burn and a recycling plant in new jersey. the fire started around 11:00 monday night. flames couldrning, still be seen as well as plumes of smoke. no word on what caused the fire. in 2010, 50-pound pile of metal and plastic earned at the plant for 12 hours -- burned at the
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plant for 12 hours. still do come, new numbers about lyme disease cases. and studies show autism can run in the family. >> it feels more like august today. we will let you know how long the summer heat is going to stick around. here is a look outside. a few fairweather cumulus clouds.
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"medical alert," health officials say lyme disease is 10 times more common than previously reported, and
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maryland harbors more cases than most other states. as many as 300,000 americans are diagnosed each year. previously the number was about 30,000. lyme disease is caused by a bacteria transmitted through the bites of infected deer ticks. maryland is one of 13 states with a majority of all reported cases. siblings with autism have an increased risk of developing the condition according to researchers in denmark, who studied more than one million children born between 1980 and 2004. they found that the risk of autism spectrum disorders is seven times higher among siblings with autism patients compared to the general population. the risk of developing the disease was between five percent and 10%, compared to just over one percent for the general population. and today's "consumer alert," the u.s. labor department says that the state of maryland lost 9200 jobs last month, bringing
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to 7.1%,loyment rate up from seven percent in june. maryland is one of the states that saw job losses and an increase in the unemployment rate has month. nationwide, ploys added 162,000 jobs in july, -- employers added 162,000 jo in july, the fewest since march. a new report shows that the total cost for a four-year private college or university could reach nearly $500,000 by the time any newborns are ready to go to school. the new price comes with the news from the federal government that more students are receiving financial aid. the statistics report that 71% of all undergrads receive some type of aid in the 2011-2012 school year, five percent more than 4 years ago. the nation's biggest retailers are concerned that consumers are spending much these days and they are pointing fingers and mother nature. a hot summer or a chilly fall
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could affect sales. cool, wetbeen a summer for many regions of the country, and that is hitting the jailers -- hitting retailers' bottom lines. many, including macy's and walmart, have decided summer weather for grueling sales of warm weather goods. good for consumers looking for a deal, bad news for stores looking to build profit. >> it is harder to sell shorts and swimsuits when shoppers have goosebumps from the cold temperatures outside, but summer is almost over and the cooler weather is being welcomed by retailers hoping to sell corduroys and sweaters at full price for back-to-school. the weather channel forecast that the weather this fall will be more typical for the season, far cry from last year's warm temperatures. a normal fall will be welcome news for the gap, macy's, and kohl's. >> it will not be a direct
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relationship with the weather as it is the cinnamon change that the cool weather has caused. all of a sudden when we are waking up in the morning and have to put on a sweatshirt and that early august, translates and the people thinking they need to start getting ready for back-to- school. --it is cooler out and a and i will start thinking about bringing in winter gear but i try to avoid it as long as i can. >> i could use a few more longsleeved shirts. >>, so i'm freezing cold and i realize i have nothing to wear. when that happens i will run to the store. -- retailers are anxious for the thermometers to drop. the lower the temperatures in the fall, the higher the profit margins for retailers. now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> you can put the sweaters in the codes way at least for a while. we have flipped the weather
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pattern and we can thank the jetstream. remember when we were talking about this 10 days ago we were talking about this dip in the jetstream. when you have a setup like that, you have cool weather on the east coast. you have the warmth and the humidity from the south, and that is what we will see the next couple of days. today will be the mid to upper 80s. tomorrow, upper 80s to around 90. at least in the short term, if you are a summer weather fan you will be happy. airport. 81 in westminster. a little cooler near the water in annapolis. 76er there. if you are what -- 76 there. if you're watching us in edgewood, mid-80s this afternoon. ever exit may be downtown baltimore will stay below 90 degrees. -- everywhere except maybe downtown baltimore will stay below 90 degrees. dew points the low to mid 60s. last couple days, they were in the 40s and 50s.
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that is why it felt so nice. but with the dew points in the 60s you will start to feel it a little bit. you would not call that impressive by any means. but it is more humid than it was. high-pressure at the surface towards western pennsylvania will be the dominating factor in our the story for the next 48 -- in our weather story for the next 48 hours. these are the cousin the showers we had yesterday and towards the tail end of the weekend. there is shower and thunderstorm activity across the southeast part of the country. eventually this will me act with the mid atlantic and we will cease showers and thunderstorms back here on thursday. the ravens are home then so we will see how that develops. high temperatures during 85 and 90 degrees. average height is 85. slightly above average at the airport this afternoon. tonight, not as cool as the last few nights. low temperatures drop back into the upper 60s. going into the weekend, another
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warm day tomorrow. upper 80s, maybe near 90. an isolated storm possible in the afternoon on wednesday. 50% chance for a shower or thunderstorm on thursday. after that system goes by, looks like good news. we will wind up with dry weather on friday, saturday, and sunday. scott anderson here for carrie engel and valley view farms with your plan questions. we will start with beth. -- yellowingnts can mean too much water or not enough water. if she wants to call the store, she is welcome to. it starts at the bottom and works its way up. many plans are getting a disease
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called early blight, or late blight, and it goes from the bottom and up. it could not be wondering at all. -- watering at all. >> specific questions, and maybe bring a picture. i spend more time trying to kill people's moss. but you can find it with a score, and also as a plant. -- plant it with a spore, or also as a plant. we can assess their ph and see if it is acidic enough. if not, we can lower the ph.
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periodtias need a dark of eight to 10 weeks. october 1, putting them in the closet for 14 hours at night. without that they will not bloom. after that, during the daytime, six to eight hours of full sun. secondly guess, they should start blooming. -- second week of summer they should start blooming. >> any other questions you are getting at valley view? >> people getting ready for their lawns. bring us some soil, we will test the ph. the biggest thing is to get some fertilizer to trip the weeds out. >> up next, your maryland lottery numbers, and we will get another check of the insta- weather-plus forecast with tony. first, a look at wall street.
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>> good afternoon, maryland. your pick three numbers are in a moment, the pick four game, but first, introducing my lottery rewards. you can turn non-winning scratch outs into points and great prices. sign up at bob diamond is ready to rock 'n roll and your pick four numbers are the maryland lottery -- let
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yourself play. the last we get to look at the forecast, we want to just let you know what is going on at the zoo. free admission day at the zoo in baltimore. had there anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. today to get in at no cost. if you're one of the first 200 through the front gate, they hook you up fish with free snacks and drinks and a vip access -- they will hook you up with free snacks and drinks and vip access. going backg for kids to school. high temperatures in the upper 80s in most locations. it may feel warmer because the humidity has gone up. chance for showers and thunderstorms on thursday. ravens are playing at home on thursday. we will see how that develops. >> be sure to watch tonight at 5:00. >> have a great day.
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>> right. because, because i'm an addict. >> bam, there it is. the bottom lean of lindsay's mea culpa. i'm billy bush. it was clear, never look sewed present. should we believe that lindsay can manage? >> there are a few red flags. >> what's going to be different this time? >> a good question. at times did oprah let lindsay off the hook. we break down the touchy topping that somehow missed the cut. >> being royal daddy isn't what it used to be. i'm shawn robinson and prince william's candid first
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interview. >> i was terrified. >> lights, camera, action. >> did lindsay lohan tell all? welcome to a special edition of "access hollywood" throughout the half-hour we'll examine the key ments in oprah's interview with lindsay. a whirlwind of garbage, what lindsay called the chaos that has been her life. takes ownership and blames no one. finally publicly admits what we have all known. >> are you an addict? >> yeah. >> what is it you are addicted snu wh to, what is your drug of choice or drugs of choice? >> alcohol. >> alcohol. >> the first time lindsay admitted to being an addict. joined by relationship expert from couples therapy, dr. jen berman. what did you think of this admission an important step? >> very important step. i was thrilled to hear her admit she is an addict. parts of the step of aa. any 12 step program. first thing you do is admit you
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are an addict or alcoholic. great she is admitting it. great for other young women and young men who see her, believe it or not, as a role model that she is coming forth and saying, this is my issue. i am dealing with it. >> one of the pros of the interview. lindsay called alcohol however a gateway drug. oprah asked her what other substances it was a gateway to. here is her response. i tried cocaine with alcohol. >> you were arrested the first time? >> yeah. >> for possession. >> then i read you said that you really hadn't done cocaine but three, four times. >> i really haven't done it more than ten, 15 times. i said three or four. i was terrified. of being judged. >> what is the truth? >> i have done like 10, 15 times. >> did it seem lindsay was being truthful now? >> i think one of the things that was obvious in this interview she feels a lot of shame. that comes often with addiction
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and timical typically if you as cocaine add kt how maco cocai cocaine, double it, trim it. i think when she was asked, she said three times. i think she didn't want people to know. she was afraid she would get in trouble. she is getting closer to the truth. >> in 2010, lindsay was sentenced to 90 days in jail. violating probation, she served two weeks. in one of the fascinating parts. lindsay admitted this. >> being in my addiction and everything, and -- having all of the chaos around me i was so comfortable with. i some where inside knew and kind of wanted to go to jail. i think that that-- subconsciously put out there, my actions. >> a cry for help?
12:34 pm
>> just to find some peace. >> how desperate is that that going to jail feels like peace. >> yeah, it is terrifying. um -- and just being -- excuse me. my mom and my sisters face in that courtroom and my dad was just heartbreaking. >> she went to jail. still was not enough. we talked about getting closer right here. i like seeing her get emotional too. because you know she is really starting to feel things it seems like. >> most recent stint at rehab, lindsay's sixth, so of course it begs the question. >> what is going to be different this time? >> not taking aderall. that is a big deal. >> you were addicted to aderall? >> yes, that's all i knew. you know i was, convinced it did ground me. i notice how much calmer i am. >> aderall, this is big. taking it for a long time.
12:35 pm
did you want to see more? why were you on aderall? do you no longer have add? where do you get it? >> one thing that struck me. typically what we know if you don't have add and you take aderall it hypes you up. if you take it and you do have add it calms you down. it validates she probably has some add. but this is someone who cannot be messing around with substance. if a doctor prescribes anything to her at this point she need to work with the sponsor, closely with the doctor. need to be monitored closely. glad to hear for now she is not on aderall. great. good sign. off awe oprah and lindsay discuss herd rise to fame while lindsay was a teenager. turned out it was obviously something she was not ready for? >> where did you first start to go off track do you think? >> when i moved to l.a. around "mean girls" after mean girls, filming that. it was just i had a moment where
12:36 pm
i could just kind of -- >> how old? >> 17, 18. >> your mom let you move by yourself? >> no, she didn't want me to. >> i was stubborn as 1-year-old can be. i waste sewed much money. living at a hotel. i had an apartment. i wasn't being guided. >> how did you know how to handle things? >> i didn't think about it? >> who is helping invest your money. >> that was not happening. >> you are just a girl, you are living the life. >> i didn't listen to my family when they would say come back move to new york before everything started to go down. >> an interesting part here. she protected her family in a big way. 17, 1 moved to hollywood. if she moved to hollywood at 17. her parents let her go. if it was 18 then she went on her own. kind of cleaned it up herself. said 18. >> one of the things interesting. one of the most poignant parts of the interview the so
12:37 pm
heartbreaking to me as a therapist and as a parent to hear this, this young woman had no guidance whatsoever. >> will established lindsay's childhood was at times toxic. her dad spent time in jail. mother dinna, enabling lindsey's addiction saying publicly nothing was wrong. lindsay told oprah she thrived on the havoc at home. >> a lot of stuff went on when i was young with my family. i group in a kchaotic home. there were moments of being wonderful, and perfect. and things being so uncontrollable and kay ychaoticw it is something that people go through. unfortunately i waited too long to face it. even though i have been going to see a therapist for years and years. >> do you think you are or were addicted to chaos? >> i think so. yeah. it was a comfortable chaos for me. so what was chaotic, from the outside people looking in, was
12:38 pm
normal. that was -- without it. and there is something to be said about me learning to be comfortable with things just being okay. i am really in touch with -- whether it is prayer or meditation, i think for so long i've, like kept that so locked down. and chained down. just -- by creating this whirlwind of garbage. >> because you are addicted to chaos. >> i am learning to be comfortable with things just being okay. pretty cool. >> when you grow up in a kay c c chaotic, home, okay feels anxiety provoking. she has to reparent herself. create a whole new normal. healthier new normal. it is going to be a tough transition. not to mention the first year of so sobriety, emotional roller coaster. you pull out the substance that helped, in quotes. helped you to calm yourself
12:39 pm
down. a tool. however unhealthy. but all the emotions tend to bubble to the surface. the first year. a tough year. >> demonstrating the revelation, lindsay was addicted, in 2005, we were on set for confessions of a broken heart, in the video, lindsay directed real life sister, alley and look-alike parents,y created the drama. what a 19-year-old lend sindsay me. >> they have such a different perception of the way i lived my life. if i can use my music video to show people what has gone on as offensive as vulgar as it may be and how volatile and aggressive. that is okay. that happens. i want younger people to know. i would like a little more conclusion with my family, my parents. just for their sake. but i am okay. i'm a tough little cookie. >> you are a tough little cookie. clearly not okay. 19 years old. the difference between her in the interview and her last
12:40 pm
night. both interviews, to me, smart. smart little girl. but in that one lost. in this one, maybe closer to found. >> i agree. i agree. i thought it was interesting that even at 19 she had some insight. there is something here missing. there is something that is lost in me i am searching for. there is, a piece that i am hoping to have with myself and my parents. i agree in this interview. the calmest we have seen her the i do think she has some spirituality. i think she, she is connecting with a higher power of some sort. her narcissism and -- i say that not as a criticism, but when you have an addiction you have to pull out of the, me, me, me kind of stuff and then start to acknowledge the higher power, something bigger, i can give back. 12 steps are based on that. you have to give back. great she is clearly working a program. >> despite the turmoil, lindsay who at times was estranged from her dad says they all get along
12:41 pm
and she does not feel she was used by either parent. >> well nobody is perfect. you know? i love my parents. and i'm not going to say that it hasn't, certain situations i would have preferred to have been handled differently. certain things i would have preferred to have been kept within my family in private. >> so you never felt that your mother exploited you or used you? >> i don't think anything was intentionally done in that way. i think it was just -- you know -- i hate what a bad rap people give my parents because they're just parents. i've asked, you know, in sitting with my parents recently just that, keep our life private, please. >> there we go. the fight, the ongoing fight between the two parents has done a huge disservice to lindsay. more than anything else, right? >> i agree. 100%. also the parents inability to
12:42 pm
get their own stuff together. it is unfortunate when you have a situation like this, lindsay is kind of the role model. lindsay is going to be the leader. if she really does this and at some point she may have to sever her relationship with her parents if they don't get it together you. can see how protective she was of them. you couldn't help wonder if she was in a room alone with oprah and no cameras what the answer to the question would ha been. i feel the would have been different. >> dr. jen. coming up. phone call recorded and released by lindsay's dad and lindsay was admittedly out of her mind. >> that is not something i am proud of. i was really ashamed about that. >> admitting the truth about the lies she once told. first. >> i feel if i can do it myself. i want to do it myself. >> why the hands on new dad calls the little prince a rascal. next.
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hey, it's me, progressive insurance. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!] prince william gach hve his first interview and it seems the baby has some. >> a rs cascal. >> the rascal was resting quietly in the arms of kate middleton and prince william the first of two family photos
12:46 pm
released. the other included cocker spaniel lupo. both shots taken by kate's dad at middleton family home. clearly all eyes are on baby george. >> he doing very well. he does have his nappy changed. >> i did the first nappy. >> i had every midwife staring at me going you do it. he is growing quickly. a little feisty. wiggles around. >> up a lot at night. >> more with katherine. she is doing a fantastic job. for me, katherine and our little george, are my priorities and lupo. >> how is lupo coping? >> he is coping all right. you have dogs and bring a newborn back they take a little team to adapt. he is all right. perfectly happy. >> sitting down with cnns max foster, new father, new hope. the new dad opened up about his
12:47 pm
hand on approach to fatherhood. we watched as he showed great ease carrying his new son to the car. securing the car seat and getting in the driver's seat to take the family home. >> i had to practice. i really did. i was terrified it was going to fall off. i had actually practiced. >> your decision to drive off. >> i am independent as i want to be so are katrina ren and aheri. we have grown up differently to generations. i feel if i can do it myself. i want to do it mymyself. i feel driving your son and wife away from hospital. >> and oprah protected le eed l from further temptation. >> and some key questions some feel should have been asked. next. [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers.
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>> certain situations i would have preferred to be handled differently. certain things i would have preferred to be kept in my family. >> no doubt, way too much of lindsay's family life has been open for public consultion, last october during a heated conversation in it back of a limo with her mom, lindsay makes this frantic phone call to her father michael accusing dina of using cocaine. last night. lindsay softened the stance. >> i said a lot of things that
12:51 pm
were not true. >> she hadn't taken cocaine. your mother had not taken cocaine. >> you were telling your father she was taking cocaine. i shouldn't be smiling. it's sec. i was so angry. >> at your mother. >> i hadn't slept enough. and i was acting out. i was acting like a crazy person. >> kind of how sick the whole thing is. acting like a addicted to chaos. her family has failed her. and here she is stoking them in their fights. >> billy, this was the one, i thought oprah got a lot out of lindsay we haven't heard before. the one point in the interview that i thought lindsay wasn't completely foreth cothcoming. when we hear the phone call, it seemed she knew. it seems she is protecting the family. they're getting along. going to lunch together. she doesn't want to perpetuate anything. >> try to get stability not there before. maybe if she says the wrong
12:52 pm
thing it will start all over. vicious cycle. mom parties with her daughter into the wee hours. not that far-fetched to think maybe some bad things were happening. >> what i found interesting, she doesn't blame anyone for this incident except herself. as we said. >> i wasn't thinking clearly. that's not something that i'm proud of. >> yeah. >> i was really ashamed by that. >> somehow that private conversation you were having with your father end up in the -- >> yeah. >> exposed to the public. >> yeah, that killed me. >> that says it all right there. that killed me. you know what? that's why oprah gave her a pass on the family. didn't go too deep into the family. she knows she doesn't want to raise the ire of michael. that will hurt lindsay. i thought altogether, oprah was more of a mentor than interviewer. >> often times it is oprah, people clean themselves up.
12:53 pm
i don't think oprah was there to bash there. i want to find out your truth if you are taking responsibility for your actions. big, big topic, the whole time. spirituality. talked about it early. land say discussion hers -- lindsay discusses hers and self awareness. >> what do you know about yourself now that you wish you had known, six rehabs ago? >> i have always known things about myself. i have just chosen to not recognize them and act on them. like i have always been aware of my faults. >> you want to change now why? did you just get tired? >> tired. i've lived so many lives in one lifetime at this point. and -- it's not interesting to me anymore. >> she looks good. she says i have lived so many life times. every time i have seen her she looks beat up. she looked rested more present than ever. look to see that. off of everything. addicted to nothing right now.
12:54 pm
vitamins. >> vitamins. wish she had a little more support in the -- >> i was not going to say it. >> lot of people said that. >> that kind of support. that said. overall she did look good. >> michael lohan didn't stay out all too long. tweeted. thank you, oprah, you are a heartfelt, blessed human being. >> thank you, ladies. heartfelt, blessed human being. >> thank you, ladies. and coming up inwhat's that? it's new kool-aid liquid. squirt some into water and boom. kool-aid. but, you are kool-aid. well people get freaked out when you drink from your own head. like, real freaked out. [ male announcer ] smile. it's kool-aid.
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>> final 45. an encore presentation of
12:58 pm
oprah's next chapter, the lindsay interview airs tonight at 10:00 on own. oprah hit topics. missed some points. the shoplifting of the necklace. what happened on pacific coast highway, had her assistant at the wheel. all those things. really at the end of the day seems to me that oprah winfrey was more mentor and less interviewer in this case. but, so what? if it helps lindsay lohan, she can afford it. oprah doesn't have to prove herself. as a great interviewer. that's locked into her legacy. but, did she do more to help someone, i think we all agree needs help? bye-bye.
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